Do you know what one of our biggest frustrations is?

The helplessness you feel when you are all fired-up about your weight loss program, but your friends, family, colleagues, and boss don’t play ball. A lack of support from people who surround you can derail your weight loss program.

Fortunately, if you follow these five simple rules, you will be able to execute your weight loss plan flawlessly and become a source of inspiration to those around you.

Let’s look at these simple rules:

Rule 1: Do not talk about your weight loss plan

Telling people in your life about your weight loss plan is not a good idea. You might want to do this to build a sense of accountability. For your diet to succeed, your sense of accountability must come from within.

Let’s face it – there’s nothing in it for your boss if you lose weight, right?

However, if you would like the support of people during your weight loss regimen, join an online community because people there are going through the same ordeal as you are and hence, are more supportive.

Take away: Share your success, not the process.

Rule 2: Start small and increase your tempo gradually

Some People like their world to remain as it is and look upon any sort of change sceptically. For instance, if you work hard at losing 40 pounds, your colleagues may pretended to be happy for you, and even congratulate you, but within themselves, they may feel terrible about their own lack of success in managing their own weight.

People aren’t always on your side of the ring, so it’s best to keep your plans quiet at the start.

Friends, family, or your boss, won’t notice your newfound resolve to shed pounds if you start small. This lack of attention is a good thing because your plan is most vulnerable to criticism during the initial stages. Once you get going, build up your efforts incrementally. By the time your plan becomes evident to others, you would have gained enough momentum to sustain your efforts – irrespective of what anyone says.

Take away: Keep it slow and steady in order to build immunity against critics.

Rule 3: Do it for yourself and not for anyone else

Your motivation must come from within. If an external source inspires you to lose weight, then your enthusiasm is likely to fizzle away after a while.

This is what happened Joe. Joe wanted to ask a colleague out, but his overweight body sapped his confidence. He went on a successful weight loss diet and asked the colleague out. She said yes, and they started dating, but that was the problem. Once he got what he wanted, he didn’t watch his weight anymore. As a result, he gained the weight he lost and things didn’t work out between Joe and the colleague. Now, he’s back to square one and is dealing with the emotional trauma from the setback.

Take away: You are your best cheerleader. Don’t give your power away to anybody else.

Rule 4: Keep reminding yourself that your body is not expendable

Managing your staff or overseeing a project is not a 24/7 job; if you are efficient, or work for decent company, you do it only 50 to 60 hours a week. On the contrary, managing your health is a full time job; you have to do it 24/7.

Amy was a rising star in a reputed law firm. She worked for more than 14 hours a day, fuelled by a burning desire to become a partner at the firm. Her efforts paid off, she became a partner. However, a few months later, she had to resign due to health complications resulting from rapid weight gain.

Take away: Remember your priorities – body first and job title later.

Rule 5: Go easy on yourself

You tend to be a lot more critical about yourself than others are. This happens when you set strict black and white boundaries. Go a little grey on yourself. Instead of saying, ” I must exercise 30 minutes every day this week,” relax a little, and make the goal achievable by saying “I am going to exercise 30 minutes on three specific days this week.”

Relaxing the performance criteria makes it easier for you to succeed. Soon, you will succeed more often than you fail, and you become less disenchanted about achieving the goal, and less critical of yourself. When you become less critical about yourself, comments and remarks from others bounce off you without scathing you.

Take away: Repeatedly set yourself up for success.


Think about the five rules in reverse order.

You’ve set yourself up for repeated success and you’ve aligned your priorities according to your best interest. You are self-motivated and you move towards your goal slowly and steadily. You’re secretive about your weight loss program and no one knows what you’re doing.

Now, your friends, family, boss, or colleague are unable to threaten your weight loss plan? You no longer need the permission of anyone. Congratulations, you have bullet proofed yourself!