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I met Valerie a few years ago. I wanted to learn more about nutrition and holistic health as I consider that education in wellness is the best investment I can do for me and my family.

I was already an avid cook, baker and food enthusiast, traits that we have in common with Valerie and she managed to push me out of my comfort zone by explaining the basics of nutrition, and the common mistakes to avoid to stay healthy.

Valerie also introduced me to the Thermomix which after long consideration I got a few months ago and my only regret is not to have purchased it earlier. It makes everything so simple, plenty of healthy and tasty recipies to choose from and as a working mum I really enjoy the time gain. The possibilites are endless and the food always perfect. Gone are the days when I needed to cut vegetable and stay by the hob to mix, monitor, turn off, blend…

Valerie enthusiasm in health and nutrition is communicative and I am glad I made changes and dietary improvements for the long term.


Thank you Valerie for all your advice and your time!  I was happy to meet such a friendly person, who share the same goals : cooking in a healthy and simple way. I wanted to get a Thermomix for a long time but I wasn’t sure if I would use it that often …. I’ve been using it everyday since !! Your demo was super clear, the model I have is so easy to use with the USB, even a child can just follow the instruction and cook amazing dishes. You helped me choose the right cookbook for my need and cooking never got that easier and fun to do !


I would like to share the great pleasure I had to attend Valerie’s Thermomix demo: it would really helpful to assess all functionalities of the machine, last and not least it was delicious! We had a fantastic lunch in almost no time. Valerie has a lot of passion for cooking and really it is contagious! I can only truly recommend her coaching and Thermomix demonstrations.


I’ve heard of Thermomix so many times around me, but I didn’t want to buy it as I thought it was for the housewives who didn’t know how to cook: in short a real “cliche” in my mind! And there was this day my friend invited me to a demo and I couldn’t say no.

This demo was really special, I am sure because it was done by someone special. Valerie, a businesswoman, cooking lover and health coach who shared her cooking knowledge with love and passion. That day I met 2 people: Valerie and the Thermomix. I discovered that it was possible to be a busy businesswoman and make healthy and good dishes with this Thermomix. Thanks to Valerie who made that day a change for me. I recommend Thermomix but what I recommend the most is to get a demo by Valerie who has a value-added service as a Health Coach, that makes the difference!


If I had the choice I would love to have Valerie cook for me every day. Her passion for food, nutrition, and cooking really shine through when she prepares a dish. The weekly menus she has put together for her clients are full of flavor, easy to cook, and nutritionally adjustable to personal dietary needs.

Food and the choices we make tend to be colored by what we believe about ourselves. Food often serves as compensation for emotional imbalances. As a nutritional coach, Valerie is very skilled in discussing sensitive topics around food and to help discover new angles and ways to create a healthier outlook and routine for your lifestyle. She is professional, warm-hearted, and compassionate. She is a gem.


When it comes to cooking, I need to be inspired and guided. I met Valerie when I first moved to Singapore and it was a sudden connection. Valerie is passionate and her passion is contagious. I don’t have a lot of time and I am a foodie so I was never sure how to make both works together. I had a lot of things stopping me back then and I am so happy I crossed Valerie cooking’s path. Valerie became a mentor for delicious and easy-to-make recipes. She taught me how to plan in advance and simplify the process. No more food deliveries as the easy way out! I must say that I enjoy it a lot now! Valerie is always available for the cooking tip of the day or a new fantastic recipe I could have never thought about before. Next is joining her Thermomix demo and I can’t wait! Thank you Valerie for making such a difference in my food journey and changing my concept of cooking for the better! Could not have done it without you! You are simply an inspiration!

Lee Ping

As I am a newbie to Thermomix, Valerie has been very helpful in getting me started by sharing recipes and tips that got me interested in using Thermomix. She is very passionate in making tasty yet healthy food. I am really glad to have her kicking start my Thermomix journey.

Fernanda & Jean

Valerie has coached us as a couple for a few months in Singapore…around balancing diet, activity, and healthy cooking.

We are very happy with measurable results. We have learned a lot through the program and some of the learnings are now implemented in our nutritional routine with a long-lasting impact.

In addition, to be goal-driven and well structured, Valerie is a very approachable and friendly professional. She is passionate and she always shares some great tips and recommendations.

It was quite easy for Valerie to design a course that would cater to our needs and adapt to our busy schedules.

We would highly recommend Valerie if you want to tackle some of the nutrition topics.


Valérie really helped me understand how nutrition works. Thanks to her, I am now able to plan my food for the whole week, in a healthy way. She has been the boost I needed. Thank you Valérie!

Yael and Emmanuel

Wonderful experience with Valerie as a nutrition coach: customized advice, good methodology for the menu, excellent recommendation of suppliers depending on the ingredients, we had a very good and efficient time with her…to eat better!


Being a beginner in nutrition, I was very happy to receive Valerie’s help and advice to change my way of eating.
Thanks to her I was finally able to adopt a healthier lifestyle, planning my food for the whole week with a balanced diet, and thus effectively change my quality of life.

After several months, there is already a lot of very visible progress and I am very happy with the help received.
I highly recommend Valérie to anyone who may need her help, both for her passion but also for her cooking and her wonderful recipes.

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