Move more, eat better and lose the excess pounds.
Why not? Thanks to plants that reduce toxins and support the drainage of the organism, it is possible to combine your efforts with natural tips for better results.


Plants and food that support natural weight loss


Green Tea

Green tea with antioxidant and draining properties is a very good ally for fat metabolism. As an herbal tea infusion, it is an effective alternative to plain water to hydrate and detoxifies. It can be consumed at will throughout the day!

In the category, a true “fat burner”, you can count on the virtues of guarana, which promotes lipids burning. The same way pineapple is known for its slimming virtues.

To end on a sweet mate, the kiwi is amazing for its benefits on the body silhouette. Indeed, in addition to having great taste, the kiwi is very low in calories and full of nutrients. It is excellent for the cardiovascular system, intestinal comfort and reduces stress and fatigue. It’s the perfect dessert to close light meals.

Citrus fruits are also extremely used for weight loss because they are very low in calories and contain little fat. Very rich in fiber, citrus fruits will also promote intestinal transit, making it the perfect food for a snack.

Finally, eating the fennel supports the digestion process and helps with drainage by contributing to the kidney’s elimination function.


Algae, the superfoods 


Fucus vesiculosus is a brown algae that promotes gastric satiety. Its vegetative tissues, called a thallus, participate in a good intestinal transit. To extend its action, you can pair its intake with probiotics. As a reminder, probiotics are present in yogurt, fermented milk, kefir, lacto-fermented products, soy sauce… They are also available in health supplements with a gastroprotection that protects them from the acidity of the stomach.

Last but not least, the great favorite food of athletes is Spirulina. This ingredient is also interesting for people looking to slim down quickly, as it reduces cravings and restores tone and vitality to organisms weakened by unprepared or over-intensive efforts. Thanks to its high protein, nutrient, and antioxidant-rich content, this green algae helps maintain optimal muscle mass, even as part of a diet or food rebalancing. Spirulina also brings a feeling of fullness and therefore helps control weight gain.



Which spices should you choose?

Did you know that there are as many antioxidants in a teaspoon of cinnamon as in a cup of blueberry juice? Antioxidants reduce the risk of overweight and cardiovascular disease by lowering blood pressure. In addition, cinnamon has a slimming effect because it acts directly on cholesterol and glucose levels, therefore on calories and fats. By speeding glucose metabolism by up to 20 times, it boosts the transformation of sugar into energy. It can also be useful for its appetite suppressant action, just like cloves.

In addition to relieving muscle pain, after a strenuous effort, it gives taste to bland dishes and has the same properties as cinnamon for the silhouette.


How do nutritional supplements work to help slim down?


Many supplements that promote weight loss are available on the market, with the aim to answer the following objectives:

  • Reduce food cravings (bee pollen, fennel)
  • Increase satiety (guar gum, psyllium, fucus)
  • Accelerate metabolic digestive action in charge of reducing hunger (coffee, cola, guarana, ginger, synephrine, group B vitamins)
  • Slow down fat production by using it in the body and facilitating elimination (green tea, hydroxycitric acid, flaxseed)
  • Act on the orange peel skin, restoring a general tone (pineapple, ginger, green tea).



Sports activity


Of course, supplements are more effective when combined with a healthy, balanced, and controlled diet and regular physical activity. Repeated gainage core exercises (for 25 seconds) will help to have a flat stomach. It is recommended to mix cardio and resistance training (running, cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga, walking…) at least 3 times a week, to get good results.

Daily activity is a great alternative for achieving your goal, however, keep in mind that you need to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and move as much as possible. Remember that it is necessary to create a caloric deficit to lose weight.

You may have understood that plants are our allies to achieve a slimmer and firmer silhouette! Always remember: “Moving and eating well is the perfect combination to achieve your slimming goal without too much difficulty.”


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